Lucidchart Tutorials – Create an automated PERT chart (Critical Path)

This Lucidchart tutorial will show you how to create a diagram that outlines the timing and dependencies of various steps in a complex process. If you’re familiar with PERT diagrams, then you already know the value of documenting start time, duration, and float. But for those of you who have never even heard of PERT, this tutorial will give you everything you need to create a dynamic plan for your next project.

01:00 – How to setup your spreadsheet
02:50 – How to setup your Lucidchart diagram
06:45 – How to add conditional formatting
08:41 – Tips for sharing your PERT chart

Lucidchart makes it easy to link information from your project spreadsheet directly into a diagram, then create a quick conditional formatting rule to highlight the critical path. In this tutorial video we’ll review:
– How to set up your project spreadsheet so that it dynamically calculates start and finish times, duration, slack, and your critical path. (Check out the spreadsheet here:
– Then we’ll look at how to create your PERT chart in Lucidchart so that information in your spreadsheet links to the diagram.
– Finally, we’ll review how to quickly add a conditional formatting rule that will automatically identify your critical path, and how to share the diagram with your team so that they see a constantly up-to-date visual path for how to finish the project.

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