Lucidchart Tutorials – Add diagrams to Jira

Easily add a diagram to a Jira issue using Lucidchart. This tutorial will show you how to attach interactive diagrams to bugs, new features, or epics in Jira.

Once your diagram is attached in Jira, others can zoom in or out of your diagram, click on interactive links, open notes or additional pages in your diagram, or push “refresh” to see the latest version of your diagram. Whether you’re providing context for a bug, or outlining your vision for a new feature, Lucidchart helps you communicate complex ideas visually, then easily add them to Jira.


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Online Project Management Software – How Using Software Makes Your Projects More Profitable

Contractors as well as any kind of firm that on a regular basis involve in different sort of jobs are always searching for means to conserve cash on procedures. When it pertains to running a task, one of the ideal means to save money is to lower labor costs by getting the task done in advance of timetable. Organizing job functions is critical in making sure that a project runs smoothly and among the very best methods to arrange your projects is to make use of online project management software program.

Staying Fit To Lead

Staying in form can be very hard for a leader to do. We see ourselves as examples to those we lead and generally strive to be the initial one in, last one out, hardest worker of the team. However what follows this lifestyle can commonly be fatal to the group, and more notably, to you.

Do You Need a Google Apps Project Management Tool?

With years of knowledge under the belts of job supervisors, why would certainly they need a Google Application project management tool? To be in advance with things, most project supervisors would certainly say no to this.

7 Ways to Make Boring Tasks More Fun

When we are doing something we delight in, time simply appears to stream, we are right there in the moment. Then there are the ordinary, monotonous jobs that seem to take permanently to finish. Whether it be our work, mowing the grass, cleaning the dishes or doing washing we all appear to get tired and also lose interest promptly.

Uncovering Your “Reason Why” for Greater Productivity

Did you ever before observe that your interest and excitement with concerns to a job is greatest right at the beginning of the job? You experience a rush which is fueled entirely by adrenaline. Often you are able to keep up well into the night simply due to the fact that you are so passionate regarding the job available.

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