Lucidchart Tutorials – Add diagrams to Confluence

Learn how to easily add diagrams, flowcharts, process maps, and more to Confluence pages using Lucidchart.

Once your diagram is embedded in Confluence, anyone who views your page can zoom in/out, click on interactive links, navigate to additional pages, or open additional notes using the rich-viewer included in the Lucidchart/Confluence integration. Visual communication and interactive documentation in Confluence just got as easy as a few simple clicks.


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Productive or Busy: Is There Really a Difference?

We all have seen staff members who are always doing something however have they always been productive? Do we pay them to be busy or effective? How can you discriminate? This write-up gives a fail-safe solution to the olden inquiry.

10 Top Task Management Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

The majority of us understand that having a Daily Task Listing is a fantastic way to arrange our time. Yet most of us fall short to exploit the full power of what is, pound for extra pound, possibly the most efficient time management tool in the globe. So, here are 10 straightforward tips to assist ensure you press the most from your Task Lists every day.

‘To Do’ or ‘Not to Do’? That Is The Question: How to Prioritize Your Tasks

The requirement to ‘prioritize our workload’ is something we have actually all found out about, yet there’s a globe of difference between merely drawing up our to-do checklist in some semblance of order as well as actually, effectively focusing on the work we need to obtain done. What’s more, there are substantial efficiency gains to be had from working out far better control over the many as well as differed selections we encounter everyday, between completing products on our to do listing. In this post we’ll discover five straightforward, useful tips for sorting with your job list and picking the products that should certainly take top priority.

De-Clutter Your To Do List: Using ‘Next Actions’ For Laser-Focus

There’s an effective technique – made use of by quite much every ‘effective’ person you’ll fulfill – that aids us browse a few of the typical challenges linked with task management, and guarantees continual forward motion, toward our project goals. This article takes a look at exactly how we can swiftly utilize that technique, enhancing our job administration and also boosting our personal efficiency consequently.

GTD Task List Management: 5 Steps For Busy People

As our job and personal lives get busier as well as more busy, and also the demands upon our time continue to grow, the need for some type of ‘system’ to arrange our task list has actually never been higher. In this highlighted post, we have a look at the 5 core principles of what is just one of the most popular, tried and tested approaches for managing jobs efficiently.

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