Lucidchart Tutorial: Top Tips and Tricks for Lucidchart

Want to learn how to work faster in Lucidchart while building better designed, fully interactive, easily shareable documents and diagrams? This tutorial video will show you several examples of what other Lucidchart pros are creating while sharing dozens of tips and tricks.

Tips and tricks include:

2:01 – Building fast & collaborating:
►Optimize lines
►Align/Distribute objects
►Match object size with a single click
►Swimlanes tips and tricks
►Containers/grouping objects
►Keyboard shortcuts

12:25 – Designing prettier diagrams (hint: they’re more effective!)
►Add new fonts in Lucidchart
►Tricks for using color
►Set style defaults
►Add special shape libraries
►Customize the toolbox
►Optimize your workspace with templates
►Custom shapes
►Share live-updating diagrams

25: 36 – Automating and adding interactivity to diagrams
►Interactive layers
►Linking data to diagrams
►Conditional formatting

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