Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Comprehensive Security

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Join Jeff Goldberg, member of the Mendix Evangelist Team, and learn about all the ways the Mendix platform keeps your apps secure in this rendition of Low-Code in 30.

You’ll learn how Mendix is the fastest and easiest low-code platform to create mobile and web apps at scale and offers a host of security features.

Mendix security rest on four pillars to ensure apps built on the platform are protected from end-to-end:

• Compliance of Independent Security Standards
• Cloud Security
• Platform Security
• Application Security

Mendix has implemented an information security management system in accordance with ISO-IEC 27001. Other security certifications include:

• ISAE 3402 Type II
• SOC 1 Type II
• CSA Star

Jeff will also cover how Mendix enforces cloud security that involves encrypting information and communications exchanged inside and outside the platform – along with other services to protect cloud operations.

Afterwards, platform security is touched upon and how it handles authentication and user roles, making sure users have the right capabilities to contribute to app development.

Later, be prepared to go hands on as Jeff demonstrates creating an app and securing it in real time.

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