Low-Code in 30 Webinar: Cloud Native Applications and Multi-Cloud Deployment

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Join Simon Black, Chief Technology Evangelist at Mendix, for everything about cloud native applications and multi-cloud deployment in this rendition of Low-Code in 30.

He’ll cover how cloud native is a strategy for building and running applications. It is not concerned about where applications run, but how they’re built. Simon demonstrates this within the Mendix low-code development platform.

Also covered is how cloud native came about. Simon goes indepth about Heroku’s 12 Factor Apps which set best practices and was designed to enable applications to be built with portability and resilience.

The importance of cloud native:
• Portability
• Cost Reduction
• Scalability
• Faster Change
• Reduces Reliance on IT
• Access to New Features

Cloud native apps run the same across all environments: public, virtual and on-premise. They run the same no matter on the web, mobile or tablet. That is the value of cloud native.

“…a true platform that adopts and utilizes cloud native is not just about deployment, it is not just about utilizing containers, it is about being able to bridge all of that together to bring the application lifecycle for ease of use and being able to deploy very rapidly.”

– Simon Black

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