Live Streaming Public Course: The Foundation of Business Process Modelling, Analysis & Design

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The Foundation of Business Process Modelling, Analysis & Design via Live Streaming – 17 June 2021

What happens when you automate a broken process? What happens when you implement a brand-new system with the same old processes? In a manufacturing environment the result would be the same defects only faster!! In business it is not much different, except the causes of the defects can be much harder to spot. Improving business processes is necessary whenever implementing any new technology or seeking to optimize and gain efficiency.

This seminar introduces a simple and systematic approach for analysing, modeling, and redesigning specific processes. It provides the foundation to a range of practices for moving specific business process performance metrics to an improved target state. It is based on proven formal methods and over twenty years of practical experience gained from hundreds of projects conducted by Process Renewal Group and the sage advice found at the knowledge portal:

This session provides a solid foundation for those starting out and a great refresher for anyone already experienced with process. Business managers, analysts and change practitioners will gain from the included practical hands-on working exercises to learn and apply the techniques covered.

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