Live Streaming Public Course: Improving Your Presentation Skills | 7-8 July 2020

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Clear and powerful communication is an important part of any business professional’s toolkit, no matter what aspect of IT and Change you may operate in. In addition, confidence in presentation can open doors to wider opportunities throughout your career and make a lasting positive impression on colleagues, customers and potential employers. Even in a world where much occurs in a ‘virtual’ manner the ability to craft a compelling story and to then clearly communicate it to others is a massive contributor to success. In this interactive workshop you will get the opportunity to learn tips and techniques for making your presentations more effective plus the chance to improve your story-telling abilities to create occasions that will linger in the memory of your audience.

This course will allow for plenty of discussion and interaction between the participants so please be prepared to share your questions, comments or experiences. There will also be opportunities to network during the breakout sessions. David also likes to share lots of anecdotes so if you are curious about Abraham Lincoln’s hat, what happened the day David turned up 35 minutes late for his own presentation or the strange phenomena of the imaginary parrot then this session is for you!

Learning Objectives
• To understand the basic principles of effective presentation
• To identify techniques to manage the stress of presenting in front of an audience
• To introduce the Plan, Prepare, Present and Post-mortem structure of presentations
• To look at some additional enhancements to your presentation such as visuals, animations, audio and props
• To digest some hints and tips for presenting at larger events such as conferences etc
• To study several historical examples of great presentations in order to add their success factors to yours
• To learn the basics of real story-telling in order to keep your audience engaged
• Finally, to practice and receive feedback on your presentation technique in a safe environment

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