Live Streaming Public Course: Essentials of Data Warehouses, Lakes and BI in Digital Business

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Essentials of Data Warehouses, Lakes and BI in Digital Business – Live Streaming only – 22-23 March 2021

Business Intelligence (BI) has made data the foundation of decision making since the 1990s. Today, digital business is fundamentally reinventing decision making, by putting information from every person and data from every sensor at decision makers’ fingertips. It challenges them to use it to address every aspect of business, to create anew every existing process, and to reinvent, not just decision making, but the entire enterprise.

Call it BI or analytics, serve it from a warehouse or a lake, it doesn’t matter. The implications span the entire business and IT environments across the full breadth of the organisation.

Modern architectures, technologies, and methods in data management and analytics incorporate all today’s technological advances in databases, NoSQL stores, and data preparation, as well as SOA, metadata, distributed access, collaboration, etc. And they directly address current issues, such as operational BI and analytics, strategic decision making, analytics, information discovery, and enterprise-wide decision management.

Expanding from his comprehensive and respected “Business unIntelligence” architecture to emerging topics such as the Internet of Things, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, Dr. Barry Devlin charts the essentials of data warehouses and data lakes, BI and analytics to build a digital business from the existing data warehouse and BI systems running enterprises today.

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