Live Streaming Public Course: Enterprise Architecture Fundamentals

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This interactive full-day workshop is ideal for those considering a career in EA or anyone new to the profession. The course is also well suited to business change professionals who work with Architects and need to better understand the role and value of Architecture.

We’ll cover the basics of EA, providing foundational knowledge to take forward in your career. Delegates will explore the purpose of Architecture, the range of different Architecture roles, and the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and experience that are required to be get started in EA.

We will provide an overview of the important Architecture Frameworks, as well as looking at key stakeholders and the different ‘customers’ of Architecture.

Together we’ll explore EA models and views, providing a simple framework for understanding a range of Architecture models. We’ll take a detailed look at some ‘killer artefacts’ (such as Business Capability Models) that are valuable to both a technical and non-technical stakeholder community, and at how to create business-relevant EA outputs. In short, understanding architecture deliverables that will help you to communicate well and have productive working relationships with your stakeholders.

We will examine the qualities that make a ‘good’ Architect and the range of capabilities needed to make an Architecture team truly effective. The course will also look at the different mandates that can determine the scope of the Architecture practice in a business, as well as some of the typical pitfalls encountered.

Lastly, we will explore how to get started in establishing an EA practice that fits your organisation, as well as providing guidance for continuous improvement.

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