Live Streaming: Mastering the Requirements Process: Getting Requirements Right 10-12 November 2020

This course is available via Live Streaming only.

This workshop gives you a thorough and well-established process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and ensuring that all the requirements have been discovered. The process is used with variations by both agile and traditional projects. It starts with the business, for it is only within the business that you discover the real needs. When you know the real needs, it becomes possible to determine what will best serve those needs, and to write the requirements or stories to build the right solution.

Learning Objectives:

• Determine the real needs of your stakeholders
• Understand the role of the business analyst in agile projects
• Write agile stories that are more effective and accurate
• Write requirements that are complete, traceable, and testable
• Learn diverse elicitation techniques to uncover the real requirements
• Use the Volere Knowledge Model to ensure you have all the needed information, and nothing that is not needed
• Understand the need for, and how to write, functional and non-functional requirements.
• Precisely define the scope of the problem
• Discover all the stakeholders and keep them involved
• Uncover the essence of the business
• Use prototypes, sketches and storyboards to discover hidden needs
• Use state of the art requirements techniques
• Get the requirements quickly, and incrementally
• Write the right requirements and stories

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