LIVE STREAMING Data Governance: A Practical Guide 19-20 November 2020

This course is via live streaming:

Many organisations have already recognised the potential value of Data Governance and have started governance initiatives. Though some have succeeded, many are faltering or have failed. Attending this 2-day seminar & workshop will ensure that you set off on the right path to successful and sustainable Data Governance.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand what Data Governance is, and what it isn’t
• Assess the readiness of your organisation for Data Governance
• Be able to align a Data Governance proposal and initiative with your key organisational and / or departmental drivers
• Make the internal business case for investment in Data Governance
• Be able to identify and apply the six necessary components of a Data Governance framework
• Create a realistic plan of action for Data Governance
• Apply these practices to a fictional, but highly realistic organisation via a hands on case study
• Learn from best practices in other organisations who are already implementing Data Governance

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