Liberating Structures – David Heath, Agile on the Beach 2019

What would be made possible if you could unleash the intelligence and creativity of everyone? Liberating Structures are a collection of easy-to-learn facilitation patterns that make this possible. They’re field tested, rooted in complexity science and freely shared under a creative commons licence.

In David Heath’s Agile On The Beach 2019 session he explains how to gain practical hands-on experience of Liberating Structures, and an appreciation of some of the possibilities they offer. He consolidates learning by alternating between practice of a structure and reflection on the experience and possible applications in ones’ own context.

David is a technologist interested in the human side of software development. He’s a Lead Developer at the Government Digital Service (GDS), where he has worked on backend systems of GOV.UK and now leads the GOV.UK Pay payment platform team. He first used Liberating Structures as a member of the GDS People Board, to facilitate listening sessions to get feedback and views from staff. He now runs the London Liberating Structures user group.

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