Learning to map with Seb Shaw – Wardley Maps Community

The first in a series of recordings the community is making during the run-up to Map Camp taking place in London, 15th October 2019. Ben Mosior and John Grant are joined by Seb Shaw to talk about learning to map.

Wardley Weight-loss: https://medium.com/@sebastianjshaw/wardley-weight-loss-9df07f95fab4

Maturity Mapping: https://medium.com/@chrisvmcd/mapping-maturity-create-context-specific-maturity-models-with-wardley-maps-informed-by-cynefin-37ffcd1d315

Download Seb’s Wardley Map & Cynefin reMarkable templates: https://remarkablewiki.com/tips/templates

Simon Wardley – Crossing the river by feeling the stones [Keynote]: https://vimeo.com/189984496

Map Camp London 2019, Sadler’s Wells Theatre, 15th October:

Seb Shaw: https://twitter.com/sebastianjshaw
Ben of hiredthought.com: https://twitter.com/benmosior
John Grant: https://twitter.com/jhngrant

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