Lean Six Sigma – E3 – Why Lean Six Sigma

By combining Lean plus Six Sigma you will discover why lean six sigma can help you to have a fast and capable process.

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✏️ Transcript of the video


In this third video, I will explain to you why the union of Lean and Six Sigma can help your organization to be faster, more effective, efficient, and productive.

I am Mark Anderson a Lean expert with over 20 years of successfully implemented projects and founder of Lean Vlog.

▶ Lean Approach

Let’s start with the purpose of the LEAN approach.

We observe a process, map it and divide it into value-added steps, steps with no added value, and steps with no necessary added value.

Through tools of the lean methodology, we eliminate waste and reduce the time of the steps with no necessary added value.

The result will be a new, faster, and more flexible process.

For example, a car manufacturing process had a lead time of 20 days and after applying the Lean methodology it reached a lead time of 5 days.

▶ Six Sigma Approach

Let us now turn to the purpose of Six Sigma.

By focusing on the added value steps, there may be cases in which some characteristics of the product are at the specification limits or out of specification.

In this case, with the help of the Six Sigma Methodology, it will be possible to reduce the variability of the process bringing the characteristics well within the specification limits with benefits in terms of product quality and costs.

▶ Lean Six Sigma

Well, by combining the 2 approaches described you will be able to obtain a fast and capable process.

Thanks for your attention, let me know in the comments if this tutorial is useful to you and if I need to keep producing these videos.



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