Lean Six Sigma – E1 – Six Sigma and DMAIC Cycle

The first video of the Lean Six Sigma video series. The introduction of the six sigma and the DMAIC cycle is explained.

✏️ Here is the transcript of the video

Hi, this is the first of a long series of videos to explain what Lean Six Sigma is and how to successfully implement it for your projects and your company.

I am Mark Anderson a Lean expert with over 20 years of successfully implemented projects and founder of Lean Vlog.

I begin to explain to you that 6 Sigma is an operational strategy that follows a series of steps that serve to measure, analyze and improve the results of your company and achieve what is called operational excellence.

This methodology, with the help of some tools, has the purpose of optimizing both manufacturing and service processes and aims in an important way to reduce their variability.

The methodology is developed in 5 phases according to a cycle called DMAIC.

During the tutorial I will go into the detail of each phase, for now just remember that DMAIC stands for:


The phases could be imagined as being placed at the tip of a pentagon and if you want to go into detail:

The define phase is the one focused on identifying the problem.

The measure phase is a phase in which there is a measurement and a collection of data.

The analyze phase is where the data is interpreted and the causes of the problem are analyzed.

The improve phase is where corrective actions are generated and implemented to solve the problem.

The control phase is aimed at monitoring the optimized system.


The Lean Six Sigma method, therefore, consists of two parts in this video we have seen the 6 Sigma which aims to reduce the variability of processes through a cycle structured in five phases define, measure, analyze, improve and control.



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