Lean Product Management with the Experts

In this webcast previewing material from their Lean Startup Week workshops, Bruce McCarthy and Dan Olsen share their Lean Product expertise. Specifically, they’ll discuss the development of a new breed of product roadmap (based on Bruce’s new book, “Roadmapping Relaunched: Setting Product Direction While Embracing Uncertainty”) and a simple but effective process for achieving product/market fit, with advice from Dan’s book, “The Lean Product Playbook.”

You can catch these speakers during Lean Startup Week 2017 on Nov. 1 conducting workshops. Bruce McCarthy will be giving a workshop about Lean Product Roadmaps: Setting Direction While Embracing Uncertainty. Dan’s will be about A Playbook for Achieving Product/Market Fit. You can catch both Bruce and Dan at our Meet the Authors book signing during lunchtime on Nov. 3 as well.

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