Lean Manufacturing Training – 7+1 Websites to Learn Lean

Here you will find resources for a great Lean Manufacturing Training. It is a good collection of Videos, Blog, Groups, etc.

#1 – LeanVlog (0:50)

#2 – Lean4U (1:41)

#3 – Allaboutlean (2:25)

#4 – Lynda (3:02)

#5 – Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen (3:47)

#6 – Gemba Coach (4:12)

#7 – MIT Lean Six Sigma Course (4:42)

# Bonus (only for Patreon Supporters)

Here the Transcript of the video:

Today we talk about training and how to learn lean manufacturing, lean thinking, lean office, and lean management online.

I strongly believe that we live in an amazing era,
perhaps one of the most beautiful epochs and for information,
certainly, the best, because we have access to information
practically infinite and at no cost or, sometimes, at a very low cost.

So we must take this opportunity to get new skills and knowledge.

It is an era in which ignorance is not justified.

So today
we will see 7 websites, plus 1, with which we can learn Lean by using all the features and in an innovative way.

You cannot miss the last one.

The first website I would like to suggest is the website I created.

Its name is LeanVlog.

In this website, you find more than 600 videos about Lean Manufacturing, Lean Thinking, Lean Office, Lean Management, etc.

All the videos are selected by myself by looking at famous video platforms and I load into the LeanVlog platform only the video I evaluate to be top quality in terms of content and video format.

Moreover, I create from the videos several video collections and playlists to help people to go deeper into Lean topics by seeing videos created by different professionals.

Finally, there is a top menu and the search option to easily navigate through the 600 videos.

LeanVlog is 90% free and some video courses or playlist costs very few dollars.

The second website I would like to recommend is Lean4U.net

This website is my first choice when it comes to know about Lean Office and Communication skills.

Lean 4U.net has been created, and is managed by Florence Meunier, who has an impressive background and experience in both management and training (she is also a business and sportive coach).

I would suggest you visiting the Blog section. It has many articles and offers insights and a different perspective regarding topics such as Team Management, Leadership, Lean Office, Design Thinking, Storytelling, and Coaching.

Furthermore, she offers a 30-minutes free consultation, which is always something that one can appreciate.

The third website is a blog dedicated to people that really want to go deeper into the Lean Topics.

It is named all about lean and was created and updated by the professor Christoph Roser.

In September 2019 the blog became 6 years old and with more than 300 blog posts published.

It is full of articles, real examples, and series on lean topics as Mixed Model, Milk Run, Hosin Kanri, Layout Strategy, SMED, and much much more.

The number 5 is a proposal to a new way of learning based on asking others.

I typically go to a LinkedIn group founded by Fabrizio Cireddu.
The group is named Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen.

There you can find more than 80.000 Lean Thinkers willing to have discussions on some topic, suggest resources, and more.

So, a good way to learn lean is to have contacts with people than have more experience than you.

The number 6 is a subsection of the famous www.lean.org. The section I love to read is GEMBA COACH.

GEMBA COACH is updated by M.Ballè that since 2009 is answering to questions about Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management and more.

The format is questions and answers, so by exploring the archives, you can find a very competent opinion to many questions.

Website number 7 is the M I T website where a complete course is reported in the format of video.

It is not a very fresh course but the quality of the information is great.

More than 15 videos about: Value Stream Mapping Basics, Lean Thinking, Lean Engineering, Lean Healthcare, A3 Tools etc.

On of the video I love the most is the tour at the New Balance Factory shoes.

It is totally free.

The last resource is a website where you can find more than 90 video courses totally free. These are the best courses I have ever seen and cover Lean Basics, Lean Intermediate, and Lean Advanced Topics.

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