“Lean Management” for High-Mix, Low-Volume Operations

After a workshop on how to apply lean management principles to operations in high-mix, low volume manufacturing, Greg Lane, author of Culturally on Plan and a faculty member at the Lean Enterprise Institute, offered advice on how to correctly allocate costs in job shops. He also offered reasons for why many lean efforts were not sustained.

If you must contend with hundreds or thousands of active part numbers in a make-to-order environment, find out how lean principles can help.

In these slides, Greg offers some more examples of how the application of lean concepts differs in high mix/low volume or made-to-order type businesses:http://www.lean.org/admin/km/documents/39E481C3-AFBD-47A7-8557-B982CEA8FBF8-Traditional_Lean_%20vs_High_Mix_Low_Volume_Lean.pdf

Learn about more examples in the form of simulations, videos, and practical exercises that are part of the curriculum for the workshop Managing High Mix/Low Volume Organizations:

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