Lean Management and Daily Accountability Morning Meeting

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Here the transcript of the video:


Daily Accountability Meetings (DAM) from a Management perspective

DAM is about 2 things:
Implement a change and make it sustainable

What is the one thing that is playing a critical part in any change implementation?


Communication plays a key role in the acceptance part of the change implementation.

It has to see with WHAT you want to deliver as a message, HOW you deliver that message, and WHO delivers this message and TO WHO.

Let’s focus on the WHO

If you want to increase your chance for successful and lasting changes, then you need to get
prepared to communicate those changes.

So, first make your assessment on 4 factors:

1. How much of an advocate of change are you?
2. How much trust do you develop with team members?
3. How much capable are you of building and empowering teams?
4. How well can you be a facilitator of learning?



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