Lean Management and Creativity

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The post if from Tim Brown of IDEO and it is on the necessity to be creative in the company. In my opinion, one of the base of the Lean Management is to try something different.

Here the basics of his post tha you can read entirely here:

And here the text of the video.

Lean Management – Unlock Creative Potential!
By Tim Brown

To survive in the new market, your
company has to be creative.

It is not simply to be a more creative leader.
It is to lead for creativity.

Do the right questions to challenge assumption,
inspire others, open up a broader context, cause

As Lean Leader you has to be:

1) The Explorer

You need to have an inspiring vision.

2) The Gardener

You need to set the conditions for creativity.

3) The Coach

You need to stay present, engaged and on the field.

This is just the starting point.

Start now to transform your company trying something different.



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