Lean Leadership – Tips and Rules

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Here some tips and rules for an effective Lean Leadership.
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Here the transcript of the video.

Tips & Rules
Lean Leadership for a successful lean transformation

In collaboration with: Fabrizio CIreddu

1. Develop a vision and inspire all team to achieve
2. Engage all people: everyone is part of the solutions and can contribute
3. Invest in culture (90% of needs is culture change mindset, 10% are tools and strategy)
4. Give priority to understand situations and to monitoring performances.
5. Lead by example (follow me vs do it!)
6. Teach Gemba approach (go & see)
7. Problems are opportunities (don’t cover it)
8. Teach to have no fear of failures, but try and try until success
9. Ask always why…why
10. Facilitate teamwork
11. Recognize and reward achievements and good work



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