Lean Eye Test: how does a lean practitioner see the work?

in this contrast video we see two different experiences making the exact same product in the exact same sequence. So what are the differences? What waste do you see in both videos? What waste was removed from the first video? How is “Respect for People”–a key concept in lean–implied in the second production scenario?

“Respect for People”
For years I’ve visited companies where “respect for people” is a core element of the corporate philosophy. So I’ve asked managers in many companies a simple question. “How do you show respect?” I have usually heard that employees should be treated fairly, given clear goals, trusted to achieve them in the best way, and held to account for results. For example, “We hire smart people, we give them great latitude in how they do their work because we trust them, and we hold”

Cardboard, Duct Tape, and String: The Do-First Mindset
“Whatever field you work in, if you are responsible for kaizen in your company, strive for quick change in your workplace by finding your cardboard, duct tape, and string, says lean coach Mark Reich.”

Music: Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin
One Piece Flow vs Batch Production Animation by: Carloruiz

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