Lean concepts that help you eliminate waste and create flow in your own work.

You are a factory. A small factory, but still a factory.

“The lean tools you can use in a factory or production shop are the same ones you can use” in knowledge work, says Lean Enterprise Institute faculty member Dan Markovitz, author of ‘A Factory of One: Applying Lean Principles to Banish Waste and Improve Your Personal Performance.’ “You take raw materials, which in this case are information and data, and turn it into knowledge.”

He tells LEI Communications Director Chet Marchwinski how the lean principles of 5S and visual management make you more productive as a knowledge worker.

Let “A Factory of One” show you how to apply lean tools to your work:

Online training on how to continuously improve your personal performance: http://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopId=86

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