Leading with Respect: Standard Work for Frontline Leaders [Webinar Recording]

Slides and more: https://info.kainexus.com/continuous-improvement/continuous-improvement-leadership/standard-work-for-frontline-leaders/webinar/signup

Presented by
Jen Ashley, Care Center Site Supervisor for Practice Design
Didier Rabino, Client Advisor for Value Capture

Hosted by Mark Graban

Leader standard work is an essential component in a lean environment. The fact is that using lean with processes without changing leadership principles and practices never goes well. Consequently, when leaders stick to their old ways the new lean processes will eventually break.

Didier Rabino, Client Advisor at Value Capture and Jennifer Ashley, Site Supervisor Sutter Health will discuss “Leading with Respect: Standard Work for Frontline Leaders.” They will share the concepts of frontline leader standard work and their practical applications.

Learning Objectives:

Explain the frontline leader’s role and responsibilities
Define processes and tools to support the frontline leader’s SW

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