Leading successful change

Leading successful change webinar
Thursday 6 May 2021

presented by:
Campbell Macpherson

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Content description:
Leadership and culture are too often overlooked when it comes to change – and yet they are the reasons why so few change initiatives deliver. 

Change management professionals are highly skilled and do a brilliant job providing business leaders with the discipline, process and advice they need to deliver change. 

But still, the majority of change initiatives falter.
And the reasons are two-fold – leadership and culture.

If you want your next change initiative to be the 1 in 8 that succeeds, you will need to help your leaders address both of these business-critical issues.

Too many leaders understand the importance of change leadership; that leadership is leading change. “If you are not leading change, you are not leading anything. You are just managing the status quo.”

Too many leaders also forget that change is all about people, and we humans don’t change just because we are told to – we only change if we want to. A leader’s job is to help their people to want to change.

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