Leadership vs Management – Next Generation 2020

Today I will give you my perspective regarding the difference between leadership vs management.

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So, management is usually defined as the coordination of human, material, technological, and financial resources needed for an organization to reach its goal.

Leadership, on the other hand, is rather a process of guiding, directing, and motivating an organization to achieve an outstanding outcome.

It’s more of articulating a vision and making sure that the right strategy is in place to achieve the objective.

Now, from a role standpoint, leadership would apply to people who provide inspiration, create opportunities, energize people, and make key choices.

Management role would be more of how to get things planned, organizing, directing, reporting, budgeting.

Actually, it is focused on the effective deployment of resources, systems, and processes, to make things happen and keep work on track.

In terms of differences as well from a focus perspective, management is rather based on facts while leadership is based on ideas. Management is more about finding answers, leadership is more on the rising questions instead. Management is more about solving problems, while leadership is more about creating challenges.

Now there are some synergies between leadership and management.

For example, you might have heard that leaders do the right things while managers do things right. And so the synergy here is effectiveness.

Another example would be that leaders inspire while managers coordinate but in the end the synergy would be teamwork.

More than anything I think that actually, every manager should be a leader and every leader must know about management.

It is not so much about those differences between a manager and a leader that count today but rather how can we meet the new customers’ expectations.

The environment that we live in today makes that the customers expectations – either internal or external, have been dramatically changed.

And so, I think that the competencies should be on top of the priorities for either manager or leader.

They have to make decisions more quickly than before, without all of the information.

They have to think divergently about new ways of doing things, they have to collaborate with ease across many different teams, they have to value the contribution of new work partners and different interest groups, and they have to invest a lot of energy into getting things right: try , fail, try again.

And finally I think that they have to tolerate an environment of risk and ambiguity, they have both to show resilience in the face of constant change, being brave in challenging how things are being done, and really have the confidence to take the lead in driving change.

So, as a conclusion, basically, the key question to ask is not so much the difference between a manager and leadership but rather what sort of person do you need to be today to lead a team successfully?

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