Leadership: Responding to complexity

APM webinar held on 10 November 2021.

Speaker: Dr Dicle Kortantamer

This webinar will challenge you to think beyond individual leadership competencies in responding to complexity.

Systemic responses are crucial for the effective navigation of complexity – responses that orchestrate the concerted efforts of formal and informal leaders positioned within or outside the projects, programmes and portfolios and develop supporting structural elements.

Dr Dicle Kortantamer presented a framework for assessing and strengthening systemic leadership responses to different themes of complexity encountered in complex projects, programmes and portfolios. The framework is based on a case study, drawing on the experiences of project delivery professionals with respect to the delivery of government’s complex transformation and service delivery portfolios, programmes and projects. While the framework is particularly useful for those delivering transformation projects, programmes and portfolios, it is also relevant for those delivering projects embedded in matrix organisational structures or highly political settings.

This systemic leadership framework for responding to complexity was developed through APM sponsored research. The research has been part of the Project X initiative – a collaboration between government, academia and industry representatives. Project X aims to inform, guide and inspire approaches to project and programme management through the generation of unique insights into the performance of major projects and programmes in government.



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