Leadership Engagement in Lean and Kaizen. How to Test Quickly ?

This is a quick test to check the Leadership Engagement in Lean and Kaizen. Not scientific but very powerful to me.

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👉 Transcript of the Video

How to check if Leadership has a real commitment to Lean Manufacturing?

As is often quoted by Masaaki Imai, the author of the book Gemba Kaizen, there are three things Leadership must do to be successful in a lean transformation.

1. Commitment.
2. Commitment.
3. Commitment.

To check if the leaders follow these 3 points, I propose to take this quick test.

A) Do leaders participate in the Lean Morning Meeting daily?

B) Do leaders listen to problems at GEMBA and feel responsible for their resolution?

C) Do leaders have a SENSEI to refer to and learn from?

If so, chances are your leaders can lead the lean journey.

Thanks for your attention. In the description, you will find links to videos to learn more about the topic.



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