Leader Standard Work Training and Resources

As a leader in a lean-thinking company, your main job is to build “problem-solving muscle every day,” explains Joe Murli, a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) faculty. Here Murli talks about the elements of management standard work that help you create a culture of daily problem solving.

Management standard work also helps individuals and organizations be more creative. “Our experience has shown—and this may be a bit counterintuitive—that the repetitive aspect of management standard work, rather than stifling creativity has actually led to more breakthrough objectives and breakthrough thinking,” said Murli. “Constantly and critically looking at process allows creativity to emerge, resulting in new work and standards that out-perform the old.”

Keep learning about standard work for leaders by reading this article by LEI: http://www.lean.org/common/display/?o=2245

Learn what’s covered in the Leader Standard Work class: http://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopEventId=115&WorkshopId=56

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