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In this full course video on Kubernetes, you have a brief introduction of Kubernetes and then learn how to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu. Then, we dive deep into the architecture of Kubernetes and learn all the features, key components of the architecture and have a demo at the end. Next, we learn about the differences between Kubernetes and Docker. You will also learn how to make Kubernetes work on AWS with a demo. Finally, we come across the most important Kubernetes interview questions under three topics – Basic, Intermediate, and Advance. Now, let’s get started and learn Kubernetes

The below topics are covered in this AWS full course tutorial:
1. Before Kubernetes 01:27
2. Before Kubernetes – Traditional Deployment 02:03
3. Before Kubernetes – Virtualization Deployment 02:54
4. After Kubernetes 04:06
5. Virtual Machine vs Kubernetes 04:42
6. Kubernetes Era 07:00
7. What is Kubernetes 07:33
8. Benefits of Kubernetes 09:18
9. Kubernetes Installation on Ubuntu 11:42
10. Why Kubernetes 16:13
11. Introduction to Kubernetes Architecture 16:48
12. Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes 19:12
13. Hardware Components 21:54
14. Software Components 23:12
15. Kubernetes Architecture 24:54
16. Master Node 25:30
17. Slave Node 26:51
18. Companies using Kubernetes 29:03
19. Kubernetes Use case 29:42
20. Important terminologies 31:51
21. Kubernetes Demo 33:15
22. Kubernetes vs Docker 41:45
23. Deployment 45:39
24. Autoscaling 46:15
25. Health Checks 46:30
26. Setup 46:48
27. Public Cloud Service Providers 47:39
28. Company Using 48:03
29. What are Orchestration Tools 48:21
30. Demo 56:51
31. Kubernetes Cluster setup using Kops 57:21
32. Kubernetes Interview Questions 01:17:30
33. Beginner Level 01:18:15
34. Intermediate Level 01:31:30
35. Advance Level 01:34:18

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Gain in-depth knowledge on how Kubernetes is used to orchestrate distributed applications by learning about components in Kubernetes architecture and deploying and managing a cluster.

What’s the focus of this course?
Simplilearn’s Kubernetes course is designed to help you master how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes. You will learn how to build apps in containers using docker and how to deploy those on a Kubernetes cluster using native OS tools such as Ubuntu, set up a cluster, and create container registry.

The course will help you learn components in the Kubernetes architecture and useful commands for deploying and managing a cluster. You will understand the open source orchestration system for container-based distributed applications. It will trace the history of Kubernetes from its origins at Google, and help you set up and manage your first cluster.

What are the course objectives?
At the end of this course, you will be able to:
– Install Docker and a Kubernetes cluster from scratch
– Learn how to run and manage containers effectively
– Create Kubernetes pods, deployments, and services
– Build Docker images and configure Docker Hub from scratch
– Deploy a multi-component software application efficiently and easily

Who should take this course?
The following professionals can take up this course:
– Software Professionals
– Testing Professionals
– Software Architects and Designers
– Open source contributors and enthusiasts
– Developers who want to accelerate their careers as professionals using Dockers and Kubernetes
– Managers who are technical subject matter experts, leading software development projects

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