Kitteh, Kitter, and Catto – internet names for cats

Doggos aren’t the only aninmals with their own language. Kitteh, kitter, and catto are some of the internet names for cats. This chart gives you a thorough explanation of language you might find in popular cat memes. There are many similar themes shared with doggos, but this video is for all the cat lovers out there.

A cat is a catto. A small catto is called a kitter or a kitteh. And then a big catto is a fatto catto. An extra big catto might be one of the wild cattos. And a baby wild catto is a wild kitteh.

Cattos like to hunt aninmals. Typical prey includes birbs, cheese boyes, blub blub doggos (which are fish), and the elusive dot from your laser pointer.

There are also many types of catto species. A few of them include the purrsian, siameowser, blak catto, nekid catto, and cheeto.

Cattos also do many things. A blep is when they poke their tongues out just a little. A mlem is when a catto licks it’s chops. A derp is when a catto is acting goofy or weird. And sometimes cattos enter the cat dimension. According to the subreddit, the cat dimension “is a space accessible to all cats. Certain other animals can also enter it, though such occurrences are rarer.” Usually this happens when there’s a loud noise, something scary, a good hiding place, or any other reason because cattos don’t need a reason to enter the cat dimension.


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