Keyboard Shortcuts to Make You a Gliffy Pro | Getting Started with Gliffy Diagram

Whether you’re drawing a UML diagram online or learning to make a flowchart in Confluence, Gliffy’s Keyboard shortcuts will save you time while you diagram. This video breaks them all down so you can become a Gliffy diagram pro.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Gliffy depend on your operating system:
👩🏻‍💻 Windows: Ctrl + [Key]
👨🏾‍💻 Mac: Cmd + [Key]

Basic Shortcuts:
🔹 Select All: Ctrl + A
🔹 Copy: Ctrl + C
🔹 Paste: Ctrl + V
🔹 Duplicate: Ctrl + D
🔹 Undo: Ctrl + Z
🔹 Redo: Shift + Ctrl + Z
🔹 Group: Ctrl + G
🔹 Ungroup: Ctrl + U
🔹 Bring to Front: Ctrl + F
🔹 Send to Back: Ctrl + B

Other Shortcuts:
📏 Move, drag, rotate, and stretch objects without snapping by holding the Shift key
🔎 Zoom in and out by holding Ctrl or Cmd + using your mouse wheel
⌨️ Jump to the text tool with Ctrl or Cmd + 2
✏️ Jump to the connector tool with Ctrl or Cmd + 3
⚙️ Switch to the pointer tool with Esc

These shortcuts work whether you’re making a Jira diagram, creating a Confluence flowchart, or creating an org chart in Gliffy Online. Whatever the type of diagram, they’ll help you diagram faster in Gliffy.

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