Key Concepts of Lean Workshop and Online Webcast

If you are new to lean management concepts or if you learned lean in “bits and pieces” over time, this in-depth workshop fills the gaps in your knowledge and ties together all the concepts.

“Key Concepts of Lean” shows you how the lean management business philosophy and key tools fit together to create a business system that continuously improves competitiveness by achieving the highest quality, lowest cost, and shortest lead time. At the end of two days, you’ll understand why lean is fundamentally different from and superior to modern management.

Built on the three principles of Purpose, Process, and People, the workshop explains how a focus on these elements creates a lean enterprise when you:

• Learn to articulate a company’s Purpose as the basis for planning continuous improvement efforts;
• Know what Processes are the major tools used by lean organizations to identify and solve problems; and
• Develop the problem-solving capabilities of everyone in the company.

The session also will demonstrate the overall approach for implementing a lean transformation. You will have an insight into the lean management philosophy and methods as well as the organizational structure required for implementing lean in your organization.

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