Kata Walks – For Senior Managers

The message of this presentation is to get leaders to think more about what they are teaching when they do a Gemba Walk, and to give them something to practice.

In a traditional business or Lean environment a leader might naturally think they should be teaching waste elimination or cost reduction, but today we know that’s too scattershot to effectively align and mobilize people. A good Starter Kata for a leader on a Gemba Walk may be to do standard TK coaching cycles for a while. Not that they should do that forever, but that they can start with the five Coaching Kata questions in order to develop some scientific-thinking mindset and skills in themselves. It’s healthy for leaders to realize that they, too, are beginners in certain areas and that they also need to practice.

The five Coaching Kata questions card is available at http://www.tiny.cc/5Q_purchase.

In this presentation Mike Rother was accompanied by Beth Carrington, Rhonda Carpenter, Bill Costantino and George Greene.

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