KanConf #1 | Virtual Mini-Conference | March 31st | 2022

In this first event of the KanConf series of virtual mini-conferences, our special guest Dr. Alistair Cockburn and our guest panelists Teodora Bozheva, Luan Oliveira, Keith Hollwes, and Dimitar Karaivanov discuss all things Agile.

Here are the highlights:
1. The Agile Manifesto – why was it written, what would be done differently in hindsight and what do the next 20 years of Agility hold
2. Leadership and Change at Agile Organizations in a volatile world
3. Synergies between Kanban and the Heart of Agile
4. How to deal with common resistances of teams?
5. Is there a correct length of time for delivery of work? Should there be strict deadlines?
6. Scaling challenges and how to overcome them


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