Kanban System Explained with a Real Life Example

Kanban System is explained in this video with a parallel with a restaurant. Other Videos on https://www.leanvlog.com

Here the Transcript of the video:


In this video, I will explain to you how does the Kanban System work.
Ready? Go!

Kanban means signboard and it is a way to give information between processes, workstations, customers, and suppliers.

We see Kanban every day at restaurants.

Look at the process…

1) There is a customer at the table.
2) There is a waiter that asks the customer demand.
3) The waiter writes the information on the paper.
4) The waiter brings the paper in the kitchen.
5) The kitchen prepares what is written.
6) When ready, the food is brought to the customer.

If we bring this experience to the shop floor …

A) The customer is the downstream process.
B) The waiter is the “WATERSPIDER”
C) The information is already on the Kanban Card
D) The Kanban Card is brought to the upstream process (the kitchen)
E) The upstream process produces only what is written on the Kanban Card
F) When the product is ready, the waterspider brings the product from the upstream to the downstream process.

The use of Kanban brings the following benefits:

1) Give the right information to all the processes
2) It is a visual way to control the production
3) Limit the Work in Progress
4) Avoid overproduction

Why your shop floor is not working as a restaurant?


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