Kaizen Meaning and TWI Job Methods

The Kaizen meaning video will show you how to use the Kaizen method to improve your work instruction and quality.

The relation with the TWI Job method is explained, too.

Text and Concept by Andrea Manti, CBDO at Lean Community

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✏️ Here is the transcript of the video

Kaizen and TWI Job Methods.

This video is made in collaboration with Lean Community.
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You probably already heard about the word kaizen, but do you know what it exactly means?

▶ Kaizen Meaning and Kanjii

The word Kaizen is made up of two Japanese kanji.

Kai, that means change, search, inspection
Zen, that means better, good

The first kanji Kai can be broken down into two parts meaning self and discipline!

That means finally that the change we are talking about is not external, but more an internal, personal change!

Real improvement is not related to changing something but the way WE are learning and improving, giving a better input to the external world.

The second kanji means not only good or better but the deeper meaning of sacrifice!

So, when we talk about Kaizen in business, we should think about not only improving the process, as it’s usually heard, but more about developing ourselves as a person and improving what surrounds us!

In the end, Continuous Improvement is the result of using a kaizen style.

▶ What is Kaizen and What is Not.

Kaizen are not big improvements, investments, new equipment or radical changes
Kaizen is a slow process.
Kaizen is a change in our mindset first.
Kaizen is thinking that everything can be improved and that we should continuously adapt to new conditions and find a way to be better.

In other words, using a Kaizen mindset means changing small details, sometimes barely visible, but doing this every day.

▶ Kaizen, TWI, and PDCA

TWI is based upon 3 skills good supervisors should have, and one of 3 J programs is about how to improve working methods to make them more simple and easy

Job Method, as all TWI programs, is built on 4 steps referring to the PDCA cycle.

In detail here is the relation between the PDCA and TWI.

Break down the job
Listing all details

▶ DO
Question all details:
Why is necessary?
What is the purpose?
Where it should be done?
When it should be done?
Who is the best qualified to do it?
How is the best way to do it?

Develop Solution

Apply the solution and standardize.

▶ Conclusions

The empowerment given to Toyota people by this strategy is still something unique in the business!

The fact the team is responsible to improve their work (not somebody coming from another department), together with the kaizen philosophy that everything can be improved, starting from ourselves, makes Toyota’s example something hard to copy!



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