Journey of an Agile Coach… through the looking glass! Georgina Hopkinson, Agile on the Beach 2018

The journey of an Agile Coach… through the looking glass! Georgina Hopkinson
OVO energy

Bonus Track (E) 2018
Thursday 14:00 – 14:45

Session type: Workshop (without computers)
Session level: Suitable for all

The journey of an Agile Coach… through the looking glass! – workshop

Agile Coaching interests you,
But it all feels so new.
So if you don’t know where to start today,
I’ll teach you my journey… come and say Hey!
Over the last two years,
I’ve learned to present without fears.
developed professional coaching skills as well,
And facilitated workshops… rarely described as hell.
I would enjoy nothing more,
Than sharing my experiences (I’ll try not to bore!)
I’d like to teach those who struggle through,
The retrospectives that are meant to woo!
I can teach you how to engage without beer,
Even the most unenthusiastic engineer.
I have worked with teams from marketing,
To customer services and engineering.
I’ve learned that the almighty empathy,
Is actually the very key!
And yes this is something I can teach,
Well I’ll give it a go, as I don’t want to preach!
I look forward to seeing you and having some fun,
I’ll make sure I don’t end every slide with a pun!

I am an Agile Coach working for OVO energy. I am an IC Agile Certified Professional, PSM1 professional Scrum Master and certified BCS Agile practitioner… but if you’re my kind of Agile enthusiast then you’re probably not too interested in all of that!

I work with teams to make them more effective, but more importantly, to make them happier! There are so many basic changes teams can make today that can improve their tomorrow. This is something that keeps me motivated, knowing that I am there to support people in making their work lives more effective, and themselves a lot happier as a result.

I graduated with a Sociology and Education (BSc) degree whilst volunteering for ChildLine as a counsellor. In a way, I’ve subconsciously been building a skillset that applies really well to Agile Coaching, particularly if you count my home video’s age 12 pretending to be a presenter.

As a counsellor, I was able to learn how to best support people in finding their own solutions, without advising them. This is probably why I love the coaching aspect, I love being able to empathise with challenges people are facing, help them to see it from different perspectives, and then support them in focusing on how they will make their first step towards the change they are seeking.

Agile can be an extremely powerful tool, and I believe in making this simpler for teams to adopt so they too can reap the rewards.

Agile on the Beach is a leading annual conference in Falmouth, Cornwall UK. Since 2011 Agile on the Beach has been a two day agile conference, set on the Cornish coast with a beach party in between. The conference explores agile software, products, teams, business and practices. With over 400 attending, the conference hosts 50 seminars and workshops to provide the ultimate agile learning experience, along with ample opportunities for networking at its 3 evening events.

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