Joining a Remo online event for the first time – virtual events

Joining the event is simple. Click on the link and set up your email and password. If the event host has made the event private you will need to use the email you used to register originally. Once you set up your email and password your Remo account is set up and you can use it for any Remo events you attend.

To get the best experience from Remo you will need to be able to switch on your camera and your mic. To do this click on the camera and the mic icon at the bottom of the page. If your camera and mic come on fine then you are good to go. If not there are some troubleshooting tips we can give you after showing you how to set up your virtual business card. This helps people to find you and you to find people to network and to discuss things with in the event.

Go to the top right where there will be an icon with your first initial on it click on that and edit your profile. Add the details that you are happy to share with people in the event. Once you have set this up the first time it will be available automatically on any Remo event you attend.
To move around just double-click on any table which has available seats. To view details on the banners or the agenda on the right billboard and event video on the left billboard just double click on it.

When speakers are holding a session all attendees will be Mike’s and cameras off but you can still interact via chat, Q&A and you can be invited up to stage to interact live.

A couple of quick troubleshooting tips in terms of mic and camera issues are as follows first of all make sure that your mic and camera is allowed to connect to the browser. Do this by clicking on the lock icon beside the URL in your browser. Secondly check that the correct Mike and camera are used by Remo by clicking on the hamburger icon top left and checking your mic and camera settings.
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Ten Suggestions for Successful Projects

Every project needs a function and a goal. Here are 10 pointers to help guarantee your projects lead to consumer complete satisfaction.

The “AS IS” IS Important

When capturing an accurate representation of your process, so you can examine and also make quantifiable enhancements in your process, you should INITIALLY catch the “AS IS” procedure as it GENUINELY exists. Stand up to the lure to record the procedure as somebody believes it “ought to be”. The possible danger of rapidly recording a best guess of the existing procedure can be bigger than you could assume.

Boost Productivity With Your Office Furniture Arrangement

Workplace furnishings may appear mainly useful, yet it can play a crucial role in the overall state of mind of your employees. With a few tweaks to your furniture setup, you can enhance spirits and also efficiency so the office is as reliable as feasible.

How to Take Charge of Your Business Focus

Bright glossy objects and also offers, brand-new social networks adjustments and also methods, and also the requirement for increased energy and focus; just how do you stay clear of the spin as well as remain linked to your service emphasis? Utilize these 3 steps to take control of your day as well as your sanity.

Getting Organized With Paper and Pen

I have actually discovered that regardless of what online system I made use of, I still composed my daily to-do listing on a writing pad with a pen. What’s up with that said? Clearly, the systems weren’t actually helping me. So I figured if pen and also paper was what really benefited me, I would certainly take into consideration a fuller system that included not simply my day-to-day to-dos, yet likewise annual, regular monthly and once a week goals.

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