Is There a Specific Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning Curriculum?

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Michael: Okay, and we will get into the details, but does The Quality Group recommend a specific formula for blended learning for somebody that is going to go through, say, Green Belt training — where you do some online level set, then you do some in person, then you go back and do more online? Is there some sort of formula?

John: It absolutely depends on the needs of the client. And we help people develop learning models to fit their business needs. There are a lot of things that have to go into coming up with learning models. You have to consider: do you have people that are remote? Do you have people that are all in class? What is your level of people? Are you going to be mixing accountants and engineers in one class? And then, once you get this, you can come up with a plan that is pretty much you break your class down into doable chunks, and then you say: “Okay, here are your prerequisites for your first class session. So, take these classes. You will have a little post-test; you will have some activities. Then come to class and we will assume, once you get into class, you have had the online learning because the class is going to move pretty fast.” And they appreciate that, so we get through a one-week session in two days, let’s say. Then we give them another assignment and say: “Okay, here is your next batch of elearning; then come back again.” Usually we will repeat that twice with Green Belts and we will go four sessions with the Black Belts, but I have seen all kinds of variations on that as well. People want to do half days or they want to stretch it out over a longer period or condense it. So, there is just a tremendous variety of learning models that are available.

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