Intrapreneurship and Building Cultures of Innovation with Cris Beswick

Cris Beswick is a former product and industrial designer and has spent the last decade as a successful entrepreneur. He is now a globally recognized thought leader on strategic innovation and creating innovative organizations. Cris is also the author of Building a Culture of Innovation and discusses strategic ways leaders and entrepreneurs can apply an innovative framework into their company.

00:02:30 How did Cris get started in this industry?
00:05:05 Innovation is everywhere, but very few businesses know how to properly execute it.
00:08:20 Innovation needs company culture behind it for it to succeed.
00:09:00 Cris helps big organizations retain their culture as they begin to grow.
00:10:10 What are successful entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs doing really well?
00:12:25 How are you engaging your senior team currently?
00:14:15 What are leaders doing right now that’s been really effective for culture innovation?
00:15:35 Good leaders constantly remind their team about the importance of innovation.
00:18:25 How do leaders drive their team to new areas without disrupting performance?
00:21:50 Cris talks about his latest book on innovation and why it’s different from all the others.
00:26:55 Cris’s book goes into the real nuts and bolts of how to execute a culture of innovation within a large organization.
00:30:00 Good innovation has measurements and goals in place to track success.
00:33:10 A large number of senior teams admit they don’t know their customers well enough.
00:38:00 After managing millennials, the next leadership challenge is how to manage and lead team collaborations.
00:38:45 Will we see a future where companies are collaborating with their customers as they design new products?
00:39:40 What are Cris’s morning rituals?
00:41:10 What has Cris changed his mind about recently?
00:42:15 What advice would Cris have for his 25-year-old-self?

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