Internet Names for Snakes – Part 2

Sneks go by many names, like the dangle fangle, poodle noodle, and the nakey snakey. There’s also the derpiest snake of all—fnek. Sneks do many activities, like sneak, sting, and occasionally you’ll find a linguini doing a meanie.

You can also wear sneks, as a boa, sneklace, and snakelet, because they’re naturally cuddly creatures. They can be their own blankets, wear cozy sweaters, and even dirt hats!

Also, watch out if a snek ever tries to give you a hug or a hiss kiss. And beware of impostors, like the llama doing a snek.

Sneks sometimes have arms (kind of), like Slithervester Stallone and this drum thumping nope rope. But since they don’t actually have arms, you’ve got to consider how a snake would wear pants.

Nope ropes also live by the code of snek ethics – if I sees it, I squeeze it. If I sights it, I bites it. If I spies it, I tries it, and if I meets it, I eats it.

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