Internet Names for Hybrid Animals (Pt. 2)

Hybrid Animals Part 1:

The internet has too many doggo, catto, snek, and birb hybrids for just one video, so we made another diagram with even more photoshop wizardry. These hybrid animals are amazing, and I hope it’s only a matter of time before science catches up with our imaginations.

We start with more catto hybrids. There’s the penguitten, the caxxo, the cataphant, the hairless pit, and can’t forget meowls. Thank you to everyone who suggested meowls in the comments for the first video!!!

Hybridization can also happen with foods. In the froot group we have the pineappowl, the banulture, and bluebirbies. There’s also the cheesebrog, corn on the cobra, and al pacino.

Many hybrids come in the power of three. There’s the pugorilla, the chinchorilla, and donkey kong. Then there’s crocofroggo, frogopotamus, and the frark. Next is the cariroo, the llamaroo, and the kangarooster. Finally there’s the squox, the squabbit, and the dubbit.

Some hybrids are quite literal. Like the pitbull, the bullfrog, and the caterpillar…which turns into a beautiful butterfly.

And there are even moar hybrid birbs. There’s the gazulture, the snork, the birbatee, the bunrich, and the killer penguin. And you can’t forget the birbs with arms. Like Black Swan, Napoleon Birbapart, and Hen Solo.

Hybrid Aninmal #2 Image Credits (in order of appearance)

Penguitten – by Sarah DeRemer –
Caxxo – by Felfriast –
Cataphant – by Felfriast –
Hairless Pit – by Sarah DeRemer –
Meowls – by Lucidchart
Pineappowl – by Felfriast –
Banulture – by Felfriast –
Bluebirbies – by Sarah DeRemer –
Cheesebrogs – by Felfriast –
Corn on the Cobra – by s3w4g3 –
Al Pacino – by Felfriast –
Punks – by 99-LS1-SS –
Pugorilla – by Lucidchart
Chinchorilla – by mobuco via r/HybridAnimals –
Donkey Kong – by twilling8 –
Crocofroggo – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Frogopotomus – by DeJMan –
Frark – by Felfriast –
Cariroo – by Sarah DeRemer –
Llamaroo – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Kangarooster – by Felfriast –
Squox – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Squabbit – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Dubbit – by Riodaux –
Pitbull – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Bullfrog – by Sarah DeRemer –
Caterpillar – by s3w4g3 –
Butterfly – by Lucidchart
Gazulture – by Felfriast –
Snork – by 99-LS1-SS –
Birbatee – by Felfriast –
Bunstrich – by @gyyporama –
Killer Penguin – by Lucidchart
Black Swan – by Felfriast –
Napolean Birbaparte – by Lucidchart
Hen Solo – by Felfriast –

Enjoy these creators’ work and much more on r/HybridAnimals!


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