Internet Names for Bugs

There are bajillions of bugs, and some of them can fly, like the tiny strawberry, hummingbug, and butterfly wannabe. And we can’t forget other flying insects like the sky raisin and jalapeño sky raisin. Also, a bunch of bees in their natural habitat is called honey bunches of nope. If a bug can’t fly yet, but it will some someday, that’s called a majestic garden creep creep, which turns into a shapeshifter sack, which eventually reaches its final state of evolution as a flutterbee.

There are many other bugs, including the snip snap doggo, nope rope nope, and the nightmare chomp chomp. There’s also the crap kicker, tiny forklift, and the spicy bois.

Lots of animals like to eat bugs, like the noodle mouth bug muncher and its more intense cousin, the tactical assault anteater. Doggos sometimes eat bugs, but don’t let your doggo eat a jalapeño sky raisin, or they might be doing a swol. If there’s some swelling, please boop the snoot gently.

Insects eat many kinds of foods, like nectar, fruit, dirt, blood, and…lots of other heckin crazy things. Just remember—they didn’t choose the bug life. The bug life chose them.

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Photos with attribution requirements:
Tactical assault anteater – by David Brossard – – (Cropped photo, added text)
Swol – by skyline_kid –

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