Internet Names for Bizarre Hybrid Aninmals

Sometimes doggos, sneks, birbs, and many other critters combine into bizarre hybrid aninmals. There are many internet names for these animals, and Lucidchart is here with another diagram to get you up to speed.

Big thanks to all the contributors who agreed to let me use their images for this video! Please check out their work in the credits below. You can also see more hybrid aninmals on this awesome subreddit:

Some hybrids have evolved from horses. Like the wart horse, the chorse, the shorse, the hooman-legged horse, the hippoportamorse, and of course…the narwhalicorn.

Hybrids are very common with birbs. There’s the beal, the birboon, and the reptird. There’s also the magpale, the snamingo, the swama, and the dowlphin.

There are also many bear hybrids. Like the bearpaca, the beer, and the very snuggable bearbit. Not so snuggable is the crocobear. Bears have also crossed with birbs to bring us bears with beaks. Like the polar swan, furry flamingo, and griz hawk.

Hybrids are also found in doggos. There’s the centiweenie, shiba emu, tree pupper, and the snog. There’s also the golden retreagle, the lil pugnkey, the pug hog, and the pug bun.

*Hybrid Aninmal Image Credits*
Wart Horse – by 99-LS1-SS –
Chorse – by @gyyporama –
Shorse – by Lucidchart
Hooman Legged Horse – by s3w4g3 –
Hippoportamorse – by -WienerPoop- –
Norwhalicorn – by mobuco via r/HybridAnimals –
Beal – by @gyyporama –
Birboon – by Sarah DeRemer –
Reptird – by awndoze –
Toucan No Beak – by IT_KEEPS_HAPPENING –
Magpale – by DeJMan –
Snamingo – by geonini –
Swama – by @gyyporama –
Dowlphin – by Felfriast –
Buffalowl – by 99-LS1-SS –
Siberian Horned Towl – by -WienerPoop- –
Ko-owla – by Lucidchart
Sharks with Hooman Teeth – by rumirama –
Molar Torpedo – by wonder13052 –
Bearpaca – by Daft-Vader –
Beer – by Sarah DeRemer –
Bearbit – by geonini –
Crocobear – by mobuco via r/HybridAnimals –
Polar Swan – by Felfriast –
Furry Flamingo – by Lucidchart
Griz Hawk – by Lucidchart
Centiweenie – by -WienerPoop- –
Shiba Emu – by pizzageek –
Tree Pupper – by DeJMan –
Snog – by tiddlycove –
Golden Retreagle – by Dwarf-hybrids –
Lil Pugnkey – by DeJMan –
Pug Hog – by twilling8 –
Pug Bun – by Lucidchart


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