Internet Names for Aqua Aninmals

Aqua aninmals (animals) are plentiful in our oceans, rivers, and beaches. In this Lucidchart Diagram, we explain the internet’s name for several aqua animals, including nopes, blub blub doggos, and big ol blub blubs.

First come the blub blub doggos. They include the gupper pupper, nemo’s dad, and the angery boi. Some angery bois wear fancy ballgowns. Then there’s the blub blub blob, underwater cheeto, and the not-totally-related-but-still-worth-mentioning smol clip clop neigh aqua doggo. These good bois become pregnant bois. Thanks, science.

Next come the blub blub nopes, of which there are many. There’s the floaty nopey, also called the trouble bubble. Then there’s the aquatic sock puppet, aqua roomba, scissory water spider, butter sauce cockroach, sticky pricky, and the terrifying water mine porcupine. Don’t step on one of these!

A few aqua aninmals are named after foods, like the floaty potato, slippery water pancake, forbidden powdered donut, and the water pistachio. Oh, and be careful that you don’t step on an ocean turd.

Finally, we come to the big ol blub blubs. There’s the tuxedo dolphin, tunacorn, bleached whale, toothpick-nosed pickle dolphin, and the toothiest blub blub of all, the spicy fish (aka murder torpedo).

Remember, you can visualize all your aqua aninmals, doggos, cattos, bunnos, business ideas, personal thoughts, and anything else with Lucidchart. 🙂

Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Pregnant Bois – by Hlucho – (Cropped photo)

Water Pistachio – by Parnoramio upload Bot – (Cropped photo, added animation)

Blub Blub Blob – by James Joel –

Forbidden Powdered Donut – by Matthieu Godbout – (Cropped photo)

Tunacorn – by Flickr Upload Bot – (Cropped photo)

Bleached Whale – by Oceancetaceen – (Cropped photo)

Ocean Turd – by FredD – (Cropped photo)

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