Internet Aninmal Names

There are lots of aninmals besides doggos, cattos, and birbs…and they too have great internet names that are popular in animal memes. So, of course, we put them into a Lucidchart diagram.

A lot of aninmals come from Africa. Like the prison pony (also called the barcode pony), the sand moose, and the red nosed rainbow butt. Some African aninmals are leathery and big, like the flappy stompy, the hornipotamus, and the saber toothed water cow. Watch out for those. They’re h*ckin deathly.

Some aninamsl are lil creepers. Like the dirt noodle, or the dirty needle, or the nope. Just nope. The nope has some 8 legger relatives like the beach nope and the rubber nope. There’s also many moar birbs. Like the vibrating midget birb, rude canadian honkers, night flap flaps (cute ones can be called majestic cave puppers), and there’s also the disco turkey.

Some aninmals are furry aqua aninmals. Like the lumber squirrel, or the beaver duck, or the water weasel, or the infamous pablo escobear. Furry but no touchy. Then there’s the not so furry aqua aninmals. Like the swamp chomper, the poisonous pincushion, and, of course, the murder torpedo.

Credits for Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Red Nosed Rainbow Butt – by Michael Fraley – (enhanced color)
Rude Canadian Honker – by Don DeBold –
Night Flap Flap – by Andy Morffew –
Lumber Squirrel – by Steve –
Beaver Duck – by Klaus –
Puffer Fish – by Jon Connell –
Murder Torpedo – by Travelbag Ltd –
Lots of inspiration – by Rustichine –
More inspiration – by PyroDragon –


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