Internet Aninmal Names – Part 2

There are many more internet names for animals, so we had to include them in another Lucidchart diagram. You’ll be very fluent in all the aninmal memes after you watch this video.

Some aninmals are aussie aninmals. The most iconic is the tyrannosaurus deer, which could also be called the velocirabbit, or the colonial hopping doggo, or the bouncy pouch and pouch pupper. Just don’t h*ck around with a shredded jackaroo.

Australia’s also home to the dingo doggo, the tree floof, and the trash-eating bin chikcen. There are also aussie aninmals that might do you a frighten. Like big ol nopes and a whole lotta nope ropes.

Some aninmals are pets, like the furry potato, the cloud mouse, and the bunno. Sometimes doggos are doing a bamboozle and just pretending to be a bunno. A famous bunno is marlon bundo. He’s the first bunno of the united states. Some people call a bunno a booplesnoot, but a booplesnoot is the bunno’s nose.

There are also aninmals that we wish could be pets. Like the forest corgi, the muppet claw, the mermaid dog, and the tree rat. The tree rat’s cousin is the toothy mcnudist. Not a good pet.

Some aninmals are farm aninmals. Like the milk panda, the prairie cloud, and pre bacon. Smol ones are lil bacon seeds. And if you see one in the water, watch out…that’s a bacon shark!

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Photos with Attribution Requirements:
Tyrannosaurus Deer – by Dan Armbrust –
Colonial Hopping Doggo – by Charlie Marshall –
Shredded Jackaroo – by The Kangaroo Sanctuary & Daily Mail –
Dingo Doggo – by caccamo –
Bin Chikcen – by Chris Nunnery –
Nope – by Fiona Henderson –
Nope Rope – by Ian W. Fieggen –
Nope Rope Everywhere – by Caters News Agency & Daily Mail –
Marlon Bundo – by @marlonbundo (IG) –
Cloud Mouse – by Kjersti Holmang –
Mermaid Dog – by Peter Salanki –
Toothy McNudist – by Jedimentat44 –
Lots of inspiration – by Rustichine –
More inspiration – by PyroDragon –

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