Instant Analytics: 1hr Practical Analytics Webinar

Do you need to go further with analytics than your desktop tools will allow?

Download a free edition of Alteryx Strategic Analytics, and follow along as we build a sophisticated data and analytic workflow in under an hour.

Business leaders depend on data analysts like you to provide the crucial guidance they rely on to make decisions every day. They need the right results, right now. Waiting in line for IT budget or specialists isn’t going to get you what you need. New sources of data from Hadoop and social media promise fresh customer insights, but make it even harder to create the analytic dataset you need. Sign up for this webinar today to experience Instant Analytics.

This webinar will be a live hands-on session with our upcoming Alteryx Project Edition, designed to provide practical skills that you can use to:
· Instantly create the analytics you need for your project with any data.
· Easily build step-by-step workflows for analytics and iterate as your business evolves.
· Confidently deliver the exact analytics your business decision makers need.

Sign up now and later in May we’ll send you the link to download Alteryx Project Edition for free.

Alteryx Project Edition is a free version of the Alteryx strategic analytics platform that will enable you to deliver instant analytics without specialist data or coding tools.

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

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